Douglas Valley breakers LTD


About Us

Douglas Valley Breakers Ltd are the UK's Largest Prestige Car Recycler, We buy 95% of our Salvage directly from Insurance Companies, Accident Management Companies and directly from Self Insured Corporates. We also purchase our salvage from Finance Companies and also directly from the vehicle owner. .

The company operates four sites in the North West of England

Site 1 Bradley lane - Prestige Vehicle Parts

01257 472866 option 1

Here we process high value vehicles Porsche, Ferrari, TVR, Lotus, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Lamborghini,VX220, Corvette, Maserati, Many high Value Four wheel drives & many general sports Cars.

Site 2 Douglas Mill - Full Vehicle Salvage

01257 424695

This site holds around 500 salvage vehicles from 200 up to vehicles with salvage values over 50,000 all models and all marques. Customers wishing to purchase salvage can do so in all weathers as this salvage is stored in a 100,000 SQFT building. Salvage vehicles can be inspected by customers and can be seen running and driving in many cases.

Site 3 Blainscough Works - Vehicle Parts

01257 795272

This site holds around 2000 vehicles which includes general run of the mill vehicles and low value four wheel drive vehicles.This facility only dismantles vehicles and sells it parts mail order. The site is 4 acres and a licensed ELV centre.

Site 4 Facility at the rear of Douglas Mill

01257 427903

This facility is a licensed ELV site and caters for the crushing of end of life vehicles. The site will accept end of life vehicles from the Trade or general public and has a council licensed weight bridge. The facility also deals in scrap metal and buys both ferrous and non-ferrous metals including steel, alloys, brass and copper, including scrap cable waste. Members of the public can weigh in their scrap and be paid in cheque or CASH at this facility


Douglas Valley Breakers LTD Specializes in the dismantling of all car models, including four wheel drive models. Marques include Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, TVR, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Aston Martin to mention a few.

All our facilities are licensed by the Environment Agency and we have over eight acres of storage across four sites to hold thousands of vehicles.